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Collection of personal information

We may obtain personal identification data from users in a number of ways, including, but not limited to, when they visit our website, sign up for our newsletter, fill out a form, or when they otherwise interact with one of the other activities, services, features, or resources we make available on our website. Users' names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers may be requested when deemed appropriate, but they are also free to browse our site anonymously if they so want. Users must always explicitly reserve the right to withhold the provision of their personal information, with the understanding that doing so might restrict them from participating in some site-related activities.

Use of web browser cookies

The user's browsers save little bits of information called cookies. Cookies help us to continuously offer the user with service by recording various characteristics of the user's visit. When a user views the Website, we may set cookies in his or her browser. This anonymous data is kept separate and is not connected to the personally identifiable information that users provide us.


When a user submits a request or inputs personal information, we set up a variety of security measures to keep that information secure. Password-protected directories and databases are just one example of the security methods used to protect user data.


We never trade, sell, reveal, or otherwise transfer user information to a third party, whether it be personal or generic in nature.

This section does not apply, notwithstanding anything else in this Privacy Policy, if we pass user information to any trusted third parties who help us operate our website, conduct our business, or provide services to our users, provided that those third parties also undertake to keep user information confidential and with whom we have a contractual relationship for the purpose of transferring such information.

However, in the following situations, We may disclose User Information: (i) If We Consider It Necessary To Do So To Enforce Our Rights Or Defend Against Legal Claims, Suits, or Petitions; (ii) If Necessary By The Applicable Governing Laws; or (iii) If Necessary For Provision Of A Service Requested By User.


Please be aware that Tarapore & co. And Asset Management Company has set up sufficient security measures to prevent any misuse, theft, or alteration of information stored on our website. We hereby disclaim all responsibility for any claims, damages, or losses of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from misuse, theft, or corruption of data maintained on the site.


If you have questions, comments or concerns about this Privacy policy, you may contact us at: Tarapore & co. and Asset Management Company


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